Wrapping up 2020... (in the prettiest bow I could find!)


As we close up 2020 and round this year to it’s final end, I find myself really reflecting on the growth of my business & myself as an individual. I came into 2020 with a completely broken heart from the loss of my brother, and at the time you’d never catch me admitting to the type of grief I was going through, nor how my business was affected by the negligence of my grief. My head & my heart were somewhere else most of the time, but considering everything, business was okay! We had a couple of small pop ups and I marketed A LOT at rodeo! Word of mouth really is a thing, y’all! If you financially cannot support a small business, that’s okay! You can go tell your friend or your coworker about that business you loved! Sounds simple, but it helps more than you know.


Skip to early March... The Vid. (You won’t catch me typing the real word out anywhere, I know y’all have seen the little pop ups that happen when you click across something that includes that name!). Our entire world was in a state of crisis. Suddenly online shopping was more popular than we could’ve all imagined. Groceries, clothing, take-out, you name it-you could order it! Businesses got creative. People were staying home, so what happened? Retailers were starting to catch on & provide products that a “stay at home” person would want! For us non-essential small businesses that included comfy clothing, slippers, & the infamous mask.

Before I go any further, I want to acknowledge the businesses that failed and the businesses that are still surviving this pandemic. If you are not in the boutique world I’ll let you in on some information; for a while there, lots of wholesalers in a state where there was a lockdown were not making or shipping. So some businesses could not get their hands on items while other businesses had connections elsewhere. I whole heartedly believe that all things happen for a reason so while we lost some great businesses, we also helped support many more small business owners and their futures.


Late March, sales were booming. We started carrying masks of all styles & colors. I remember I had $300 in my business account and I was scared as heck to spend that much money on anything at the time. I ended up spending the entire $300 on masks. And I was completely sold out a couple days later. I would restock & I’d sell out again. Finally I stopped restocking because masks were everywhere & they were becoming increasingly easy to purchase. But dang! At the beginning, we were all trying to get our hands on one! Around the same time we started offering local delivery. There was one day y’all, I had 27 local deliveries to make. Twenty-seven. That’s 27 different houses to go to all across town. Lawd! Can you imagine?!

But that was 27 customers. Out of all of those new customers that purchased a mask, more than half of them came back to make another purchase non mask related & that is when I started to finally see all of these amazing returning customers! You all know who you are & every time you place an order, I do the craziest happy dance. Maybe I’ll show y’all one day.


Mask sales started to decrease (the demand was still high, but retailers on every corner had masks in full supply). Our sales still stayed pretty consistent due to those returning customers. I believe it was in June when I came across Babes Support Babes, and they had just put out their application for the Chosen Women’s Conference Marketplace. I had been following them for a while, but had never met any one of them. And if I’m being completely honest with you, I didn’t exactly know what their mission was or what they stood for. Well, ya girl applied for the market & at that time I had absolutely no idea where that one application would take me. September rolled around. The market came & went. My sales were through the roof. It was amazing, but the best part about that whole experience was that I was introduced to some of the most incredible women & business owners. The BSB team; they are boss babe GOALS, okay!! They truly showed me what community over competition looks like. Every market that I have done with them has been record breaking & I am so thankful for that. They also showed me what it’s like to put Christ in your business. I have always kept the two separate (different beliefs of customers & whatnot), but I see now that I was really missing out by separating Christ from my business. Girl, I want Jesus all up & around in my business! One day I’ll do a whole blog post talking about how Christ in my business has moved everything for me. I have leveled up my entire business strategy, I have focused more on building relationships and friendships, I even leveled up my vendor booth and she’s a pretty!


As I sit here & close out the year, I’m simply grateful. I have tears in my eyes because this was the toughest year of my life, but it was a record breaking year for my business. For me personally, there was loss after loss after loss this year. I had every excuse and reason to give up & throw in the towel. But seeing your orders come through, reading your sweet checkout notes, and meeting you all at markets kept me pushing forward. I promise to always bring y’all the best items. Quality is a big deal to me, so always expect quality over quantity. I want you to be able to find timeless pieces when you shop with me. They might be the craziest leopard print you’ve ever seen, but it’ll be timeless leopard! Lol! It was my greatest pleasure being able to serve all of you this past year & I can’t wait to continue serving you all in the future years to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting Jackson June. You are supporting my dream. Happy New Year!



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  • You’re doing amazing, sweetie!

    • Brianna Langston